About Me


Living wherever the breeze decides to take me.

I'm a New York native living wherever the breeze decides to take me. Most of the time you can find me in Boston studying at Northeastern University, but for the time being I'm hanging out in Sydney, Australia. (Casual, right?) Don't worry, I'm not actually just "chillin" on the other side of the world, I'm studying abroad at the University of Sydney and will return to the states...eventually.

I almost wrote a long blurb here about my professional aspirations, and then realized that this isn't LinkedIn. The truth is that I'm really not sure what I want to do with my life. I'm not sure that anybody really is when they're twenty years old. What I do know is that I want to get as much living in as possible before I have to become a real adult and make responsible decisions.

My passions are really what drive me in life. I've always had a love for the arts - primarily music and theater. (Fun Fact: I've been in three productions of Legally Blonde The Musical.) Since beginning college, I've discovered my love for travel and adventure. I guess secluding yourself in a stuffy library for hours at a time have a way of making your appreciate the natural beauty in the world. 

Other than that, all you really need to know is that I'm an extremely quirky and outgoing kind of girl. I'm far from perfect, but I love my life and I have a lot of fun. I hope that I can inspire you to do the same through my writing. Thanks for finding my little corner of the Internet, I hope you enjoy!