About Me, Carly Joos


I'm a Long Island native with a passion for adventure, food and (most importantly) my family and friends. Most of the time you can find me in Boston studying at Northeastern University, up in Vermont hiking mountains with my amazing boyfriend Mike or at home on Long Island reading a good book on the beach or trying to convince someone to go bowling with me. I am a Moscow Mule connoisseur and love trying my hand at making those recipes that litter my Facebook and Instagram feeds (and usually find success). 

I almost wrote a long blurb here about my professional aspirations, and then realized that this isn't LinkedIn. The truth is that I'm really not sure what I want to do with my life. I'm not sure that anybody really is when they're twenty-one years old. What I do know is that I am passionate about helping people and trying to make the world a better place through whatever I do. 

My passions are really what drive me in life. Over the past few years, I've discovered my love for travel and the outdoors, always seeking out a new hike to do on the weekends. I love going to spin classes and I've recently found a love for yoga as well! I've also always had a passion for music and theater - Fun Fact: I've been in three productions of Legally Blonde The Musical!

Other than that, all you really need to know is that I'm an extremely quirky and outgoing kind of girl. I'm far from perfect, but I love my life and I have a lot of fun. I hope that I can inspire you to do the same through my writing. Thanks for finding my little corner of the Internet, I hope you enjoy!